Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Build a Bear & other offers

The Great Girl Gathering at the MOA and Build a Bear will be offering a special 100th anniversary bear.


For other deals offered during the gathering visit this link:


Monday, February 27, 2012

UPDATE: China McClain concert sweepstakes

We did not win the sweepstakes for wristbands. However, you are still able to go to the concert, you just might not be able to see the stage and you will not be close to the stage.

For those of you who have daughters that want to attend the China McClain concert, please Read this link

I have entered our troop in the sweepstakes for wristbands. Let's not worry about the logistics (in terms of Nickelodeon morning, etc) of it all since the odds are not in our favor of winning due to the amount of troops that will want to enter the sweepstakes. 

If we don't win, you can still see her concert, you just won't be close. 

If we win, we will know by feb 24. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Meeting Start Time

Beginning Thursday, February 23rd, meetings will begin at 6:15pm. We will still end at 7:30 (and hopefully actually END at that time). This will allow us to have time to take care of our business portion of the meeting, dues, etc and still have an hour to work on badges, journey books, etc.

Few reminders for this week:
- New start time for Thursday's meeting
- Read Elaine's email World Thinking Day display & what is needed by Thursday (Rachel, Ellie's is completed!)
- Dues
- Brownie Bags/Books
- COOKIE MONEY - Please have your daughter bring in any cookie money that you have collected thus far.
- If you are choosing to do so, work on SWAPS for World Thinking Day
- FRIDAY - World Thinking Day event

Thanks everyone!

Friday, February 17, 2012

5-try it's in 5 hours

Just a reminder of the 5 try-its in 5 hours event in a few days: 

Monday, February 20th
9:30 - 2:30 pm
American Legion

This is a drop off event. You will need to check your daughter in and check her out, because I will be at school. Leaders and parents are not allowed to stay. 

Please remember to have her bring the following items: 

  • Lunch
  • Drink
  • A White T-shirt to Decorate for one of the badges

They will be earning these 5 badges:

Minnesota Nice, Drama Queen, Fashion, Spa-Tacular Me, & Our Pets - Our Friends