Thursday, October 11, 2012

water safety

2012 YMCA Water Safety Program

Announcing YMCA Water Safety Program!
Throughout 2012, the Minneapolis and St. Paul YMCA’s will be offering FREE water safety lessons for kids ages 3 - 12 thanks to the very generous donation from Hawkins Inc., which provides water treatment supplies for YMCA pools and Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation, a child safety advocacy organization that works to safeguard kids against preventable water-based injuries and to educate parents about water safety programs. ( 

How Much Does the Program Cost?
This program is provided FREE of charge thanks to the generosity of the program sponsors.   

What Will Be Offered?
The River Valley YMCA will be offering a girl scout water safety night. There will be options to attend a session from 7:00 – 8:00pm on Thursday, November 8, or from 11:45 -12:45 on Saturday, November 10. The main focus of the lessons is simple: we want to educate youth on how to stay safe around water. These are not traditional or comprehensive “swim lessons.” Rather, during these classes your child will learn how to be safe around lakes, pools, rivers and streams. They will learn personal water safety techniques, as well as what to do if they see someone else needing help around water.

Who Will Teach?
The sessions will be led by YMCA-certified aquatics instructors in our safe, lifeguarded YMCA pools.

When and Where will the Lessons be Offered?
At the River Valley YMCA in Prior Lake.

Who Do I Call for More Information?
Please contact Amy Overturf at 952-230-6685 for more information

If anyone is interested in going, please let me know. I cannot attend, so a parent would need to volunteer to supervise the girls. 

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