Thursday, June 14, 2012

Run, Read & Right Marathon

Celebrate the Year of the Girl and the 2012 Olympic Games by participating in

Run 26 miles
Read 26 books or 26 hours
Right the community in 26 ways

Document your progress throughout the summer and complete a Run, Read and Right Marathon. Start day June 1st end date August 31st. Receive a patch for successfully completing each challenge!

Please let me know ASAP if you would like your daughter to participate!

Thanks for a great school year!

Elaine and I had a great time with the girls at our end of the year party at CCC! We played in the gym for the first hour, playing different games of tag and other games of that nature. Then we ate pizza, chips, juice boxes, and ice cream in a reserved party room overlooking the pool area. The girls all received their end of the year awards, and cookie incentives/prizes. After, we all went swimming. The girls had a great time watching Elaine and I pretend we were Tarzan on the rope swing! (in case you were wondering, I was horrible at it, and Elaine rocked!) Towards the end of the day, the girls enjoyed having a conga line in the shallow water! 

I'll get some pictures from Elaine and post them here soon.