Friday, April 20, 2012

Upcoming Meetings

Please mark your calendars for changes to the next meeting. 

April 26th - He & Me Project Night @ Tammy's House
  • A few of the girls will not have a "he" that is available to come, so it is not imperative that everyone has a "he". This is merely an opportunity for the dads to get involved if they want to. There will be plenty of hands around to help the girls with their project if they come alone. Have the girls wear clothes that can get unwashable paint on them. (no uniforms)

May 10th - meeting at Sweeney Art Room
May 24th - meeting at Sweeney Art Room

June 7th - 11:00 am ~ End of the Year Party at Chaska Community Center
  • The girls voted on using some of our cookie money to have our end of the year party at the Chaska Community Center for a day of swimming, gym activity, and lunch. No cost to you (except all that hard work you did selling cookies for them)

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