Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cookie Rally Feb 5 2012

Cookie Rally
Sunday, Feb. 5
Shakopee VFW
1-3 pm
Who is Invited; Shakopee Girl Scouts, Leaders, Cookie Parents

I will not be in attendance as I had a previous commitment. We haven't had one in the time that I have been involved in GS, so I don't know what it all involves. Basically I think it is just a fun day for the girls to get pumped about cookies and they can play games and possibly earn prizes (at least that is what happens at other service unit cookie rally's. Like I said, I have no idea about this one).

Please let me know if your daughter will be attending.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

World Thinking Day

Please join us in celebrating the 100thyear of Girl Scouting in USA by attending a very special World Thinking Day. World Thinking Day is a day when we think about our "sisters” in all the countries of the world, the meaning of Scouting, and its global impact. The theme this year is “We Can Save Our Planet!”.

World Thinking Day 2011
Feb 24, 2012
6-7:30 pm
Jr. High


VOLUNTEER: I am looking for 1-2 parent volunteers to head this event. This would involve working with the girls during a meeting to plan and implement our booth. It does not have to be anything elaborate. Ideas: 3-sided poster display, food, clothing, anything to do with girl scouts (girl guides) in Eqypt and their girl scout traditions, and possibly tying something to do with saving the planet into the theme as well (may be too hard?), activities for visitors to participate in (game from that country, coloring, craft, etc) or any other idea you may have!

SWAPS: Feel free to make SWAPS based on Eqypt, girl scouts in general, or anything you want, even if it doesn't have to do with Eqypt or world thinking day. They suggest making 10-20 SWAPS. (see links for ideas at bottom of post)

COST: Elaine and I have decided that the troop will cover the cost of the event. HOWEVER, if you confirm that you daughter is attending, but does not actually attend, we will need you to reimburse the troop $4 for the cost of the event.

NEEDED: If anyone has a stamp that has a pyramid or sphinx or anything "Eqypt"-like on it, we would love to use it for the event. Otherwise, I will just do what I did last year and make our stamp look like a "passport" type stamp for their passports.

RSVP: please rsvp via email to Tammy by Sunday Jan 22

**World Thinking Day is a requirement for what is called our Program Essentials (things we are requested to do during the year). If your daughter cannot attend, I will research other activities she can do to make up for this night.

SWAP resources:

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thursday's meeting

Hi Parents!

As I mentioned in December, this Thursday's girl scout meeting  will also include a parent meeting to discuss cookie sales and the new Brownie Girls Guides. 

Since you drop off your daughters at 6:30, you are welcome to stay and hang out for the entire girl scout meeting if you want, otherwise please be there for the meeting at 7:00 followed by an awards ceremony for the girls. It's okay to bring siblings if your spouse is not home that evening. 

Also, please remember to bring your checkbook or cash for $8 for the Brownie Friendship day on Jan 28th if your daughter wants to attend. Thanks!

Great Girl Gathering & Flash Mob

Please mark your calendars:


March 10-11, 2012 Mall of America.

We haven't decided what day we will be attending as a troop yet, but as we get closer to the date, we will start discussing it. Shakopee service unit has even thrown out the idea of getting a bus for one of the days, but if not, we will need some parents to help out with transportation. It sounds as if it's going to be a great weekend! I am fairly positive the girls will be able to use their cookie credits at the girl scout store there, so that would be a great time to use them!

There will be a Girl Scout Flash Mob taking place during the Great Girl Gathering.
It will take place each day between 10-11. We will NOT be learning this dance as a troop. There are instructions on the website if she wants to learn it. You can also sign up for texts about more dance updates, and there is a optional practice session as well. Consult the website for more info. If your daughter is interested, we will make sure to be there by that time on the day we attend the event so that she can be a part of it. Click Flash Mob for more info.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan 28 Brownie Friendship Event

Brownie Friendship
Help make sure Girl Scouts is a place where all girls feel accepted, make new friends and keep the old. Learn what makes a good friend, why they are important, and how to react to difficult friendship situations. Practice these skills through role playing, art, discussion, and games.

Brownies, Grades 2-3
Saturday, January 28, 2012
10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Community Youth Building (Log Cabin), ShakopeeMN
$8/girl; $0/adult; $18/non-member

For guaranteed placement, 
email your response to me by January 10th. After that date, I cannot guarantee availability. You can either mail me a check or send it along with your Brownie at our next meeting.

Here is a little more detail, on what the girls will be learning:
-          Girls define what friendship is to them and what rules friends should follow.
Girls learn how to be a better friend through teamwork exercises.
Girls learn why we need to be good friends by discovering what it feels like to be accepted and rejected. 
Girls work together to share what they learned with others.