Friday, December 9, 2011

NEW Girls Guide to Girl Scouting

The Brownies received the new Brownie Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting binders at last night's meeting. The Girl Scouts completely changed the program this year to this new format, and we are going to learn how to incorporate the Journey book with these binders so that we give the girls the best program over the next 2 years of Brownie.

Please do not have your daughters do any of the activities in the binder yet, or place the stickers anywhere. They place the stickers on the badge chart as they earn them.

We will be going over all this info at our January 12 meeting. We will have a parent meeting that night to discuss the program and how the girls earn the badges. Some will be with the troop, and others will be optional that they can earn on their own. For that reason, please do not start working on any badges yet because we are still planning the program. Also, some of the badges called "Legacy" badges will be earned over the 2 years as a Brownie. In addition to the parent meeting, we will be having a Court of Awards (award ceremony) that night which the parents are welcome to attend.

You can insert the separate "Badge activity set" under the badge tab, either before or after the existing sheets. These are the new version of the old Brownie "try-it's". 

We made a decision to use troop money to purchase these books and the badge inserts for the girls. The set was sold to troops for a discounted price of around $17. In addition to this, I purchased badges for the "Journey" book (they completed the first one last night) and various fun patches for the events that the girls have participated in thus far. After these transactions, it leaves our troop balance just under $200. We will continue to use this money to buy badges/patches (they get expensive when you multiply it by 9 girls!) as the girls earn them throughout the year.

We will have money coming in for cookies later in the Spring, which should bring our balance up substantially. We will keep a good portion of this balance for next year's budget, but then we will also be using some of the cookie money for a celebration outing after cookie sales are completed. (Last year we did the Jumps & Downs / Pizza party). This year, the girls will be planning this event, so it will be fun to see what they choose!

I wanted to let you know where we were financially because in case our troop funds run too low before we receive cookie money, we might need to collect dues. I just wanted everyone to know that the troop paid for the materials so that if we need to assess dues, you will understand where our money is going. Badges, patches and meeting supplies really add up fast! But Elaine and I do everything we can to use resources we already have so that we don't have to spend money!


  1. Sounds great Tammy!! Thank you for keeping us so informed and involved!!! You are doing a great job and thanks for all your time and efforts!! Tanya