Wednesday, November 9, 2011

upcoming meeting 11.10.11


To clarify:

On the side of the book where they have their name on the upper left hand corner, they need to read the story called "Flying into Shali's Desert Home, pages 6-16 and if time, write a few things on page 17. If you daughter does not have time to read before tomorrow nights meeting, THAT IS OKAY!!! but they will need to read it and fill out page 17 at some point. It's all part of what is called their "Journey". Once we are done with the Journey, they have learned lessons and earned 3 special badges that go along with the Journey.

Just as an FYI, they will also be earning other badges, called Try-it's throughout Brownies.



Hi Moms
Just a reminder that your daughter should read the first chapter in the Journey book and if they have time, do the one page that follows the chapter. If not, they can work on it when they get to the meeting on Thursday at 6:30. Also, I know it's short notice, but if they haven't been trying to memorize the law (Autumn hasn't...) have them look over it. NO WORRIES if they don't have it memorized yet! We will continue to work on it in the meetings. I don't even have it memorized yet :)

Also, please remind them to bring their 50 cents dues. If they forgot last meeting, they will need to bring $1. This can be in any type of change. HOWEVER, it really should be THEIR money that they have earned and not just given. If you need to give them 50 cents for the meeting, just try to remember something that they did that was up and above what they normally do (rake leaves? that's what Autumn did) and when you "pay" them, remind them what it is for, and that you just aren't giving them money for the meeting. We will be going around the circle asking what they did to earn it. They were really proud last meeting!

Thanks moms!
ALSO.....not to bombard with information but excellent speedy response regarding the caroling at Friendship Manor and the 5 Try-its in 5 hours event!  Way to go moms!  In order to secure our spots for the 5 Try-its event would it be possible for you to send the $18 payment on Thursday. You should make the check out to Troop #25475, then we write one check from the troop (this is the way the council has us do it!). If you are, as yet, undecided you can always register at a later date but it will not be guaranteed that you get a spot.
See you Thursday.

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