Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nov. 10th meeting

Thursday's meeting was fun! The girls talked about the first story in their Journey book, and we sampled Hummus and Pita Bread, local food in the main characters' country of Jordan. We told the girls that even if they have tried it before, or think that they may not like it, they should always give it another try. Then, instead of saying "eww gross", or "I hate this", that they should say "I don't care for this". Many of the girls loved it!

We played a funny game from Africa that involved the girls sitting on their bottoms all in a line, holding on to the waste of the girl in front of them, and trying to maneuver snake-like around obstacles (pillows) using teamwork. It was hilarious to watch! Ask your girls about it!

We also talked about how stories give us clues to figure out what the main idea is, and how other people in the story can help make the world a better place by looking for clues to what other peoples' needs are. The girls were given an assignment sheet to bring home, and read a book, or watch a movie/tv show, comic strip, etc and look for clues in the story. This sheet needs to be brought back at our next meeting December  8th (or they can give it to me at Loaves & Fishes if they want). This particular part of the Journey book is dealing with telling stories, and this sheet is part of the requirement of earning the badge. The sooner you remind them to complete it, the better, then they won't be scrambling at the last minute before the December meeting to get it done. We will complete the last requirement of the badge that night, and those that have completed all the requirements will receive the badge that night along with a fun patch for those who attended the Loaves & Fishes service event.

Continue to have the girls work on the girl scout promise and law.

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