Monday, November 21, 2011

Loaves & Fishes

Loaves & Fishes was a great experience for the girls! I really think they understood what they were doing and the fact that they were really helping their community! Not only did they have fun being "lunch ladies", but they looked so cute in their little hair nets, plastic gloves, and plastic aprons! They really seemed to take pride in their service and I loved the way they were always looking for something to do. I was so proud of their behavior and attitudes!

Very special thanks to Kim Taylor for organizing this event for our troop. Great idea, and thanks for taking the reigns and helping Elaine and I with a troop event! Thanks also to all the parents that supervised their daughters. Without you, they wouldn't have been able to attend, so thank you so much for taking time out to help your community and our troop!

The girls would love to do it again, which makes me so happy! My goal is to plan the next time on a Thursday in the Spring if possible, so that the girls that keep Thursday's open are able to join us!

Thanks again everyone, and give your girls an extra helping of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving for being such a wonderful Brownie this week!

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