Friday, December 9, 2011

Salvation Army Bell Ringing


Here is the tentative schedule based upon those who have responded. If additional people want to help, I can add them in the last two shifts. Everyone can work longer than their scheduled shift if they want.

I would love to have other parents volunteer to help, so that I don't have to be there the entire 2 hours. I want to have two parents there in case one girl needs to use the rest room or go inside to warm up.

I have signed our troop up to be bell ringers for the Salvation Army Kettle at Cub in Shakopee on Thursday December 22 from 5-7pm. This is an optional event. We will not be having a regular meeting that night because it is so close to the holiday season and people may be heading out of town.

If your daughter is interested in helping out, we will schedule small shifts during the 2 hour window based upon the number of girls and or parents in interested. Please let Tammy know if you are interested, and your shift preferences. 5-5:30, 5:30-6, 6-6:30, 6:30-7. I would very much welcome parent help with this community service event! Siblings who are scouts (boys or girls) are also welcome to help! Hopefully we'll be able to fit their vests over their coats :) If not, I'll make a sign that says who we are.

NEW Girls Guide to Girl Scouting

The Brownies received the new Brownie Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting binders at last night's meeting. The Girl Scouts completely changed the program this year to this new format, and we are going to learn how to incorporate the Journey book with these binders so that we give the girls the best program over the next 2 years of Brownie.

Please do not have your daughters do any of the activities in the binder yet, or place the stickers anywhere. They place the stickers on the badge chart as they earn them.

We will be going over all this info at our January 12 meeting. We will have a parent meeting that night to discuss the program and how the girls earn the badges. Some will be with the troop, and others will be optional that they can earn on their own. For that reason, please do not start working on any badges yet because we are still planning the program. Also, some of the badges called "Legacy" badges will be earned over the 2 years as a Brownie. In addition to the parent meeting, we will be having a Court of Awards (award ceremony) that night which the parents are welcome to attend.

You can insert the separate "Badge activity set" under the badge tab, either before or after the existing sheets. These are the new version of the old Brownie "try-it's". 

We made a decision to use troop money to purchase these books and the badge inserts for the girls. The set was sold to troops for a discounted price of around $17. In addition to this, I purchased badges for the "Journey" book (they completed the first one last night) and various fun patches for the events that the girls have participated in thus far. After these transactions, it leaves our troop balance just under $200. We will continue to use this money to buy badges/patches (they get expensive when you multiply it by 9 girls!) as the girls earn them throughout the year.

We will have money coming in for cookies later in the Spring, which should bring our balance up substantially. We will keep a good portion of this balance for next year's budget, but then we will also be using some of the cookie money for a celebration outing after cookie sales are completed. (Last year we did the Jumps & Downs / Pizza party). This year, the girls will be planning this event, so it will be fun to see what they choose!

I wanted to let you know where we were financially because in case our troop funds run too low before we receive cookie money, we might need to collect dues. I just wanted everyone to know that the troop paid for the materials so that if we need to assess dues, you will understand where our money is going. Badges, patches and meeting supplies really add up fast! But Elaine and I do everything we can to use resources we already have so that we don't have to spend money!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Loaves & Fishes

Loaves & Fishes was a great experience for the girls! I really think they understood what they were doing and the fact that they were really helping their community! Not only did they have fun being "lunch ladies", but they looked so cute in their little hair nets, plastic gloves, and plastic aprons! They really seemed to take pride in their service and I loved the way they were always looking for something to do. I was so proud of their behavior and attitudes!

Very special thanks to Kim Taylor for organizing this event for our troop. Great idea, and thanks for taking the reigns and helping Elaine and I with a troop event! Thanks also to all the parents that supervised their daughters. Without you, they wouldn't have been able to attend, so thank you so much for taking time out to help your community and our troop!

The girls would love to do it again, which makes me so happy! My goal is to plan the next time on a Thursday in the Spring if possible, so that the girls that keep Thursday's open are able to join us!

Thanks again everyone, and give your girls an extra helping of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving for being such a wonderful Brownie this week!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jan 16th & Feb 20th events

For those of you planning on sending your daughter to the Centennial Badge Day on January 16th (time tbd...either 9-11:30 or 12:30-3pm depending on availability, I will need a $5 payment and the attached permission slip no later than Monday November 21st. If you aren't going to be at the Loaves & Fishes event, you can either mail it or drop it off at my house. They are also allowed to invite a friend. They would also need to fill out the permission slip and pay $5.

For those of you planning on sending your daughter to the 5 Try-its in 5 hours event on Feb 20th from 9:30-2:30 at the American Legion, I will need a $18 payment and the permission slip that Elaine gave you at Thursday's meeting, no later than Monday November 21st. If you aren't going to be at the Loaves & Fishes event, you can either mail it or drop it off at my house. If you didn't get a permission slip (it is different than all the other ones) email Elaine, as I don't have any copies since they were not emailed.

Nov. 10th meeting

Thursday's meeting was fun! The girls talked about the first story in their Journey book, and we sampled Hummus and Pita Bread, local food in the main characters' country of Jordan. We told the girls that even if they have tried it before, or think that they may not like it, they should always give it another try. Then, instead of saying "eww gross", or "I hate this", that they should say "I don't care for this". Many of the girls loved it!

We played a funny game from Africa that involved the girls sitting on their bottoms all in a line, holding on to the waste of the girl in front of them, and trying to maneuver snake-like around obstacles (pillows) using teamwork. It was hilarious to watch! Ask your girls about it!

We also talked about how stories give us clues to figure out what the main idea is, and how other people in the story can help make the world a better place by looking for clues to what other peoples' needs are. The girls were given an assignment sheet to bring home, and read a book, or watch a movie/tv show, comic strip, etc and look for clues in the story. This sheet needs to be brought back at our next meeting December  8th (or they can give it to me at Loaves & Fishes if they want). This particular part of the Journey book is dealing with telling stories, and this sheet is part of the requirement of earning the badge. The sooner you remind them to complete it, the better, then they won't be scrambling at the last minute before the December meeting to get it done. We will complete the last requirement of the badge that night, and those that have completed all the requirements will receive the badge that night along with a fun patch for those who attended the Loaves & Fishes service event.

Continue to have the girls work on the girl scout promise and law.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

upcoming meeting 11.10.11


To clarify:

On the side of the book where they have their name on the upper left hand corner, they need to read the story called "Flying into Shali's Desert Home, pages 6-16 and if time, write a few things on page 17. If you daughter does not have time to read before tomorrow nights meeting, THAT IS OKAY!!! but they will need to read it and fill out page 17 at some point. It's all part of what is called their "Journey". Once we are done with the Journey, they have learned lessons and earned 3 special badges that go along with the Journey.

Just as an FYI, they will also be earning other badges, called Try-it's throughout Brownies.



Hi Moms
Just a reminder that your daughter should read the first chapter in the Journey book and if they have time, do the one page that follows the chapter. If not, they can work on it when they get to the meeting on Thursday at 6:30. Also, I know it's short notice, but if they haven't been trying to memorize the law (Autumn hasn't...) have them look over it. NO WORRIES if they don't have it memorized yet! We will continue to work on it in the meetings. I don't even have it memorized yet :)

Also, please remind them to bring their 50 cents dues. If they forgot last meeting, they will need to bring $1. This can be in any type of change. HOWEVER, it really should be THEIR money that they have earned and not just given. If you need to give them 50 cents for the meeting, just try to remember something that they did that was up and above what they normally do (rake leaves? that's what Autumn did) and when you "pay" them, remind them what it is for, and that you just aren't giving them money for the meeting. We will be going around the circle asking what they did to earn it. They were really proud last meeting!

Thanks moms!
ALSO.....not to bombard with information but excellent speedy response regarding the caroling at Friendship Manor and the 5 Try-its in 5 hours event!  Way to go moms!  In order to secure our spots for the 5 Try-its event would it be possible for you to send the $18 payment on Thursday. You should make the check out to Troop #25475, then we write one check from the troop (this is the way the council has us do it!). If you are, as yet, undecided you can always register at a later date but it will not be guaranteed that you get a spot.
See you Thursday.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mobile Viewing

If you are viewing this from your phone, you may need to navigate around a lot more than on a computer.  Not sure if all the functions, like the calendar, work on the phones.

New Blog

Well the website I created last year for our troop lasted, oh, about 3-4 months, then I realized I was way too busy to keep up with it. I decided that instead we should just have a troop blog. Parents can upload photos directly to the site and comment on any events directly to the blog. Also, you can add your own blog entries about the troop if you take a minute to register. It's super easy, just look on the right hand panel and click on JOIN THIS SITE.

Most importantly, the calendar will show upcoming events, so if you have a question about future dates, take a look on the calendar on the right hand side.

If anyone has questions, I can bring my laptop to a meeting and run you through it. 

Past photos

If anyone wants to access past photos from the old website, you can still access them here:

 Red Petal - military visit 2010
 Christmas Party 2010
 She & Me 2010
 Halloween 2010
 First Meeting 2010