Friday, November 9, 2012

National Cookie Sleepover

The National Cookie Sleepover is a unique opportunity to get Girl Scouts ready for the upcoming Cookie Program at the same time as thousands of Girl Scouts around the country. On January 12, 2013 we will have a sleepover (location to be determined) and learn all about cookies through games, roleplaying, and a 3-D video presentation. The council is selling "cookie party in a bag" kits for the sleepovers that include a special tickets for a concert on Saturday May 4, 2013 at the MN State Fair Grandstand. I have already purchased the kits, so all of your girls will be eligible to go to the concert if they choose. Unfortunately, they only give us 2 adult tickets to the concert, and as of now, additional tickets will not be sold. They haven't announced the artist (I'm not holding my breath that it will be anything other than something like the Teddy Bear Band or Splatter Sisters! ha ha) but plan on announcing the artist in January

So please mark your calendars for your daughter to attend:

January 12, 2013 for a sleepover

May 4, 2013 for a concert

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Badges you can work on at home

Does your scout want to earn more badges? Here are some to work on at home because we won't have time to work on them in meetings this year: 

"Make your own" badge (see directions in the girl guide. ask if you have questions)

You can also work on these pins: 
My promise my faith pin  (pg 37)
Safety Award (pg 38)
Other awards on pg 36-38

11.8.12 Meeting Recap

Tonite's meeting started off with a special candle-lit ceremony for our re-dedication into our second year of Brownies. 

Then during the meeting, we were busy learning about our bodies and healthy meals and earned the My Best Self Badge. 

Special thanks to Ava and Sarah LaPlant for leading the badge! Great job!

We had fun:
• Talking with our guest speaker, my friend Rose Link, SACS school nurse, and learning about her job
• Learning about MyPlate and healthy meals
• Starting a "Happy" bag (have your daughter explain it and add to it)
• Eating LOTS of very healthy snacks and healthy carbonated water! (thanks Sarah!!!)

Continue the fun at home:
• Ask your Girl Scout about the new MyPlate food guide.
• Plan and cook a healthy meal together.
• Look through the Girl’s Guide with your Brownie to find other activities you can try at home.

REMINDER: Please fill out the 2 forms (permission, medication) for the overnight trip. You can either mail them to me, drop them off in my porch (no need to knock), or simply have your daughter give them to Elaine at school. Please have these back to either of us by November 15th so we aren't rushing the day of the trip with lost or incomplete paperwork!

BADGES: The circle badge that says 100 year of girl scouting 2012 has 2 "rockers" that are to be sewed on top and bottom of it. the leaf rocker is from raking leaves, and the pink one with a candle is from going to the mall of america event last spring. Let me know if you have questions. As always, the triangle badges (i.e. "my best self" with the giraffe and ruler on it) can be ironed on the front, and all others are sewn on the back. The girls also have tshirts coming from the centennial day of service, and will receive them on our overnight trip.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

10.11.12 Meeting Recap

Tonight we explored many ways we experience the world through our senses and earned our Senses Badge. 

Special thanks to Montana and her dad for leading this badge! They did a great job! Another special thanks for the nummy treats they brought since it was Montana's last girl scout meeting. We will miss her!

We had fun:
  • Learning about how our eyes work and how they can be fooled (optical illusions)
  • Comparing how our senses of sight and hearing affect how we experience the world (listening outside)
  • Learning interesting tidbits about animals' senses (did you know dolphins sleep with one eye open?)
  • Writing our names in Braille
  • Looking at each other's tongues through a magnifying glass
  • Meeting our newest member Emma
Someone forgot their patch in the art room. Please take a look in your daughter's bag to see if she brought one home. It is a pink octopus patch.

I have received permission slips for: Elizabeth, Penny, Emma, Autumn & Ava for the Oct 28 field trip. I will be registering them this weekend. If anyone would still like to sign up, mail me a permission slip in the mail. 


The girls voted and decided to continue collecting dues this year. All girls must bring $1 each meeting at Sweeney from money they earned over the month by doing extra chores for parents, grandparents, neighbors, etc. Please remember to not just give this money to your daughter. She must earn it. All girls that pay all their dues on time get a special patch at the end of the year.

All girls must do 3 "good turns" (good deeds) before the next meeting in order to have their Brownie pin turned around during our re-dedication ceremony next month. This could be as small as catching her opening a door for someone, to using her manners, to doing a chore around the house when not asked to (although you might want to use the chores for her $1 dues money!). But basically catching her doing a good turn and letting her know "thats your first good turn, 2 more to go!" etc.  

The girls will also be making a card and spending some of their dues money towards a cash gift to a former girl scout named Abby Olson who has leukemia. Abby was in the kindergarten Daisy troop with a few of our girls, and we want to show her our support by giving her a card, a small token of money, and some of the girls suggested bringing a toy or book that they don't want anymore to the next meeting for Abby. The cash gift she can use if they have any sort of vending machines or something in the hospital that she wants to spend it on, or she can choose to use it towards the fund they have for her.


I need everyone to sign up for a badge. Have the girls choose a badge we haven't done, and email me the badge and month you would like to do it. I need this information by our November meeting so that I can plan the rest of the badges (i.e. whether or not the remainder of the badges will be worked on as a troop, or if certain ones the girls can work on at home by themselves and earn). If I don't hear from you, I will choose a badge and month for your daughter to lead with your help. 

Elaine, have Penny do step 1 of the senses at home

Miranda, if Abbie would like to earn the badge, she can do the activities at home, share with us, and earn her badge.

Bingo Night

Shakopee Girl Scout Friends & Family Bingo Night
Shakopee Jr. High East
November 9th, 2012
$5.00 per person

Please return registration form sent via email on 10/11/12 and money by November 1st, 2012 to:

Lisa Brown
1114 Prairie Ct S

water safety

2012 YMCA Water Safety Program

Announcing YMCA Water Safety Program!
Throughout 2012, the Minneapolis and St. Paul YMCA’s will be offering FREE water safety lessons for kids ages 3 - 12 thanks to the very generous donation from Hawkins Inc., which provides water treatment supplies for YMCA pools and Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation, a child safety advocacy organization that works to safeguard kids against preventable water-based injuries and to educate parents about water safety programs. ( 

How Much Does the Program Cost?
This program is provided FREE of charge thanks to the generosity of the program sponsors.   

What Will Be Offered?
The River Valley YMCA will be offering a girl scout water safety night. There will be options to attend a session from 7:00 – 8:00pm on Thursday, November 8, or from 11:45 -12:45 on Saturday, November 10. The main focus of the lessons is simple: we want to educate youth on how to stay safe around water. These are not traditional or comprehensive “swim lessons.” Rather, during these classes your child will learn how to be safe around lakes, pools, rivers and streams. They will learn personal water safety techniques, as well as what to do if they see someone else needing help around water.

Who Will Teach?
The sessions will be led by YMCA-certified aquatics instructors in our safe, lifeguarded YMCA pools.

When and Where will the Lessons be Offered?
At the River Valley YMCA in Prior Lake.

Who Do I Call for More Information?
Please contact Amy Overturf at 952-230-6685 for more information

If anyone is interested in going, please let me know. I cannot attend, so a parent would need to volunteer to supervise the girls. 

Centennial Day of Service

Saturday October 13, 2012

Supplies & Dress:  Please bring:
  • rake
  • Water bottle (please be “green” and use refillable, not “one time use/recyclable” bottles)
  • uniform
  • warm clothes (pants, long sleeves, close-toed shoes, hats, mittens if necessary

Location & Time: Please drop your daughter off at the Log Cabin near the Pool & Lions Park between 9:50am-10am. Look for Elaine or Tammy. (if you have a daughter in another troop, your meeting place may be different for their troop. Look for their drop off/pick up information this week). If you are not staying to help, you can pick up your daughter at Lions Park near the playground or shelters around 1:30pm. Traffic will be tight around that time as many parents will be picking up. You might have to park somewhere and walk to come and get her.

Potluck: The following people have offered to bring food on behalf of our troop: 
Abbie: side dish
Autumn: main dish & dessert
Ava: dessert 
Elizabeth: side dish (fruit)
Penny: Elaine is bringing food on behalf of her other troop
Emily: main dish

I'm looking forward to the girls working hard on Saturday to earn their final 100 year celebration patches, especially the wonderful patch that Ava designed!